Hello again; A couple of years ago I connected with the owners of a ride manufacturer in Hungary. They specialize in building dodge ems or what most people call bumper cars. As a matter of fact my first group of listings for them included five different used bumper car rides. I have continued to work to help them sell rides belonging to their clients or rides that were traded in on new rides. This week, I received my first brand new ride from them. So, I thought that in this post I would not only tell you about the new ride but remind people about the used rides that are already listed on my site and that are in need of new homes.
Single trailer dodge em 01
First, is this gorgeous brand new dodge em made in Hungary for 225,000 euros. The ride features LED lighting on all sides, not just the front of the ride; and is literally dripping in lights. The entire ride loads on one semi trailer. That includes the bumper car pavilion, the 18 cars, and the pay box or what we would call a ticket box. I believe they would produce it without the pay box if requested. The dimensions including the stairs is 23 meters, or about 76 feet, by 12 meters, or about 40 feet. The trailer is 14.2 meters, or about 48 feet, in length by 2.65 meters, or about 8.5 feet, in width by a height of 4 meters, or about 13 feet. The manufacturer was good enough to supply me with photos of the complete set up process, which I converted into a slide show. You can Click here to watch it. My contact has said they will sell the dodge em hall and the cars separately. The cars sell for 3,000 euros for one or 50,000 euros for a complete set of 18 cars. I would have to ask about pricing or availability of a half set. Like all the rides that you will see in this post, it would be a great addition to any carnival, fun fair, amusement park, or family entertainment center.
Coaster 1
This is the first of the used rides I mentioned earlier. It is a beautiful Looney Toons style family coaster for 50,000 euros. It was built in 2009 and is in perfect condition. Its dimensions are 23 meters, or about 70 ft. long by 15 meters or about 50 ft. in width. The height of the marquee or facade is 6 meters making it a little less than 20 ft. It is mounted on a single trailer requiring no storage space on the truck. The trailer’s dimensions are 10.7 meters or about 35 ft. long by 2.5 meters or just under 8.25 ft. wide by 4 meters or just over 13 ft. in height. That means this trailer should be legal under just about any traffic standard for trailer size. Also, if you are thinking about having it transported by ship, it would fit into a 40 ft. slot. It takes three people two hours to set it up and requires only 35 amps of power to operate. The hydraulics, electrical, paint, etc have all been regularly maintained. The unique cars on this one will make it a star attraction for whoever gets it.
Next, there is this beautiful 1999 Aladdin ride for 45,000 euros. The ride is in excellent condition including lights, patin, and hydraulics. It takes up 10 meters by 10 meters, or a space that is about 35 ft. each way. It pulls only 15 amps of three phase 400 volt electricity, and three people can have it ready to work in under an hour.
2005 dodge em 1
Then, there is a very nice two trailer dodge em built in 2005 for 135,000 euros. This one measures 26 meters, or about 85 ft. by 13 meters, or about 45 ft. It takes four people four hours to set up and requires 65 amps of power. There is one trailer for the dodge em pavilion , and another for the cars and related pieces. The longer of the two is 13 meters, or about 45 ft. but with the truck it is 17 meters, or about 56 ft. There are 16 cars made by Ihle of Germany. They are between ten and fifteen years old, but three years ago they were completely refurbished including the addition of new Mercedes SLR skins.
Breakdance 1
Next up, is a very nice 2004 Breakdance for 150,000 euros. It has a capacity of 32 riders at a time. It takes up a space of 18 meters, or about 60 ft. by 16 meters, or about 52 ft. It requires 65 amps of three phase 400 volts electricity to run the ride and all the lights. It takes four men about five hours to have it built up and ready to work. It all loads on one trailer including the hydraulics for lifting the boom and cars. This ride is in excellent condition and is ready to go to work making you money.
2008 Dodge em 1
This one is another bumper car ride. It was built in 2008 and is also a two trailer dodge em. They are asking 100,000 euros or best offer. It is a large unit at 22 meters, or about 75 ft, by 11 meters, or about 35 ft. It takes four workers between ten and twelve hours to have it completely ready to work. It requires 50 amps of three phase 400 volt electricity to run the lights and cars. It comes with sixteen Italian style cars that are about 20 years old. They were all refurbished. They all have new LED lights and new paint. The frames have been renovated, but the seats are the original ones. The owner would say that the cars are in good serviceable condition. The ride is mechanically sound and could be put to work right away.
Top spin 1
And finally, here is a beautiful 1996 two trailer Top Spin ride in excellent condition for 75,000 euros. It takes up a space of 17 meters by 17 meters, or about 56 ft. each way. It takes four hours to set up with four to five workers, and pulls 80 amps of three phase 400 volt electricity. It is available immediately. These are some of the most recognizable and popular thrill ride attractions out there.
Well, that should catch everyone up on all the great rides from my friends in Hungary. Something I should mention is about the power requirements. In The United Kingdom and Europe most amusement equipment operates on three phase 400 volts electricity. This does not mean that a showman or woman from the United States, australia, New Zealand, etc wouldn’t be able to use these rides. They would know this, but for the benefit of my readers unfamiliar with the subject; the buyer would only need to purchase what is called a step up transformer to tie it in to local city power or to a show’s generator. Also, you may have noticed the set up times and wondered about whether or not having that many employees for that long to set up and take down one of these rides. Well, you have to understand that most of these rides were built to a higher standard that considers additional scenery and lighting a necessity. These naturally take more time. Feel free to call, email, or text me with any questions or to get in contact with the seller to move forward on a purchase.
And if you aren’t in the market to buy one of these fine new or used rides, I hope you enjoy the beautiful photos. If you want to see more pictures of any of them, just go to the Equipment Listings pages on my website. If you want to list your own items for sale, then you can either use the ad submission form, or you can Just send me an email.
And if you enjoyed this post, then please share it with your friends, family, and coworkers. Your comments are also greatly appreciated, and I will reply to all of them either in the comments or by email depending on which is most appropriate. The whole point is to help people find new homes for their amusement, concessions, and confections equipment; and the more people that know about the site or a given item on it; the better chance I have to help people. I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks and take care, Max