I help people sell new and used amusement, concession, and confection equipment all over the world.

Listings may include a detailed description, multiple full-sized photos, slide shows, video links, etc.

While I don’t charge anything to list an item, I will expect to receive a commission when I am responsible for the sale.

As someone who has been doing this for almost 10 years, I can promise you no one will work harder than me to find your equipment a good new home.

And since it costs you nothing unless I make the sale, what are you waiting for? Click here to get started.

Featured Item

Ring of Fire $175,000

1992 larson ring of fire

This is a 1992 Larson Ring of Fire in excellent condition for $175,000 or best offer.

It is currently being operated by a major east coast carnival company. It is up and running and ready to go to work making you money.

I do have a short video of the ride in operation and wil be posting it soon.

Unfortunately, I only have one other photo. I will be adding it soon.

If you have questions or want to arrange a visit towards making a purchase please call or text 979-215-1770. You can also email me at maxwell@midwaymarketplace.com

My First Ebook

book cover of leading you out of the darkness into the light

For those of you who aren’t aware I recently decided to start a second website where I share my more personal experiences as a blind entrepreneur. I did this because my friends told me that the idea of a blind man running a business, writing a blog, recording youtube videos, doing google hangouts, writing guest posts, appearing on radio shows, etc was very inspiring to them. They said max you just don’t realize how many people there are out there who have no physical problems but who do nothing with their lives. I was finally convinced and that lead to the creation of The Blind Blogger.

This also lead to my writing this short motivational ebook. In it I share the life lessons I have learned and offer 11 exercises to help people in their own lives. The unique thing is I included my email address and encouraged readers to report on their progress as they work through the book.

Where to buy

You can purchase an electronic copy for $14.95 by going to
or Amazon.

You can also purchase a print copy for $24.95 from Create Space.

I am also offering autographed copies of the print version for $49.95. I will have to cover the cost of shipping the books to myself to sign them and then reshipping them to the buyer. This price is available to readers in the U S and Canada. If you live outside these two areas, please contact me for a quote.