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The train comes with five cars, signals, liberty Land sign, and almost three quarters of a mile of track and ties. There are five cars all together. Three of them have seven seats, and two of them have two seats. Each seat can carry two adults and a child or three children comfortably.

The stamp on the drive shaft says Allan Herschell Buffalo New York. That means it was built after they moved operations there and was one of the last units built if not the very last one to roll out of the factory before they were sold To Chance rides ending the Iron Horse line. There were only 49 of these magnificent trains built all together.

That plus its history as part of Libertyland makes it a significant part of amusement industry history and I’m told a valued collectable. This ride isn’t meant for a museum. It will need some work before it can be put back in operation, and there is nothing wrong with it that hard work can’t fix. It runs on a four cylinder gas motor.

Yes, it is the one that has been listed on the website for a while now. The gentleman who bought it also managed to end up with another train from California, so he is open to reselling this one. He is asking $100,000 for it.

Casey Jones Cannon Ball Train

$100,000 Or Best Offer

This is a rare example of an Allan Herschell 24 gage Iron Horse train for $100,000.
This one was built for the amusement park at the fairgrounds in Memphis Tennessee which was later renamed Liberty Land Amusement Park. The park was made famous by the fact that Elvis Presley was known to rent out the entire park for wild all night parties with friends and family.

~five cars
~liberty Land sign
~three quarters of a mile of track and ties
~history as part of Libertyland

The buyer would have to make arrangements to have it transported to their location and reinstalled. It would be a great addition to any amusement park, family entertainment center, pumpkin patch, shopping mall, or tourist area.

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Bertazzon 6.5 Meter Carousel


: Georgia, United States
This is a beautiful 6.5 meter Bertazzon Carousel for only $75,000. It is currently located in a mall in the southeast United States where it has been since its purchase. The owners have maintained it well. The mall was recently sold, and the new property owners have a policy against rides like this no matter how beautiful they may be. It has 19 horses and a total diameter of 29 feet from fence to fence. Its not huge, but it is a very nice model from the top manufacturers of carousels in Italy. The buyer would be responsible for removing it from its current location, transporting it to its new home, and reinstalling it there. I don’t offer this service directly, but can put you in contact with several qualified ride installers should you need their help. You can click here to Watch an excellent video of the ride in action. I think it would be an excellent addition to an amusement park, family fun center, boardwalk, pleasure pier, arcade, themes restaurant zoo, aquarium, or city park. I could also imagine an enterprising showman or woman updating an existing traveling model by installing this ride on their portable unit’s frame work. Given its size, I could even see this in someone’s backyard for the kids and grandkids to play on.

Call or text 979-215-1770 with any questions or to arrange a visit towards making a purchase.

You can also email me at maxwell@midwaymarketplace.com

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