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This Week’s Featured Item Is…

1920's 4 abreast dentzel carousel

This is an historic 1920’s four abreast Dentzel carousel for $500,000.

It is 26 feet tall, 60 feet in diameter, and has 68 horses. It does not have a dome or canvas, and there is no fence with it.

It requires 100 amps of three phase 240 volts electricity to operate. the ride. It was removed from an amusement park and is currently in storage near Houston Texas.

It is loaded in three containers suitable for shipping across town or around the world. And its location makes it convenient to the ports of Houston, Galveston, or Shreveport.

My contact tells me that the unit was working fine when dismantled, but if it was his ride; he would completely repaint it.

You can see additional photos of the unit by visiting the ad listing

The owner has lots more photos he can share. We thought these were the most relevant ones to anyone considering buying the ride.

I also have a video of it from before it was dismantled. It is a little fuzzy, but I’m told you can get an idea of the ride’s condition from it.

Notice how quietly this one runs for being such a vintage ride.

You can watch it here. The first option is an embedded video that plays right on this page. The second is a direct link to the youtube video.


I believe this carousel would be an awesome addition to any amusement park, family entertainment center, themed restaurant, beach boardwalk, pleasure pier, etc. I could also see it in a city park or zoo as well as the centerpiece for a mall or larger shopping center.

And while I believe an enterprising showman or woman could turn this into a portable or semi portable ride; something with this much historical value really should be in a permanent location where it can be cared for and protected from most of the elements.

If you have any questions or want to arrange a visit towards making a purchase please give me a call at 936-648-4326 and ask for max ivey jr. I’m having to borrow my mom’s phone until I replace mine. You can also email me at maxwell@midwaymarketplace.com

My First Ebook

book cover of leading you out of the darkness into the light

For those of you who aren’t aware I recently decided to start a second website where I share my more personal experiences as a blind entrepreneur. I did this because my friends told me that the idea of a blind man running a business, writing a blog, recording youtube videos, doing google hangouts, writing guest posts, appearing on radio shows, etc was very inspiring to them. They said max you just don’t realize how many people there are out there who have no physical problems but who do nothing with their lives. I was finally convinced and that lead to the creation of The Blind Blogger.

This also lead to my writing this short motivational ebook. In it I share the life lessons I have learned and offer 11 exercises to help people in their own lives. The unique thing is I included my email address and encouraged readers to report on their progress as they work through the book.

Where to buy

You can purchase an electronic copy for $4.95 by going to
or Amazon.

You can also purchase a print copy for $9.95 from Create Space.

I am also offering autographed copies of the print version for $24.95. I will have to cover the cost of shipping the books to myself to sign them and then reshipping them to the buyer. This price is available to readers in the U S and Canada. If you live outside these two areas, please contact me for a quote.