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Malcolm  Cummings train engine 01

Today, I’m writing to share my latest video in my podcast series titled Calliope Corner. This time I have a completely restored 1960’s Malcom Cummings park train for $175,000 or best reasonable offer. And I have some awesome videos of it to show you.

Naturally, I hope you will watch the entire show. But if you would like to skip ahead to the video of the train in operation or to the owner’s walk around of the ride; then just scan down through the headings until you see the one you want. With all three videos there are two links. The first one is an embedded file that plays directly on this page. The second is a direct link to the video on youtube. Please let me know if you have any trouble with either of them.


Malcolm Cummings train engine front

A Little background

This beautiful train belongs to a gentleman from Prince Edward Island Canada who restores classic automobiles for a living. He bought this train from someone who bought it after the amusement park called Fairy Land went out of business. It was a family style amusement park in the same city where the train is located now.

He told me that when he first purchased it his plan was to refurbish it and then set it up for family and neighborhood events. He had no plans to operate it for profit. However, it turned out that the city has rules against him operating this train there. So, after he restored it; he decided he would have to put it up for sale.

Train car blue 01

Train details

This train is one of the first seven designed and built by Malcolm Cummings in the 1960’s. After researching the many other park trains in operation at that time he came up with this model.

I’m told it looks a lot like the Super Chief of the Atcheson Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad which ran between Los Angeles and Chicago and was famous for being the favorite of the stars.

As a long time fan of old time radio I have enjoyed many episodes of the Jack Benny show which centered on the Super Chief or the Los Angeles station readying to board the train.

Train car red 01

Train details

This train comes with an engine, two regular cars, and a caboose. The locomotive runs on a deisel engine. And the train comes with 1800 feet of track. It needs absolutely nothing to be ready to put into operation.

The owner says he can assist with loading it for transport, and he has a friend who can probably help with transporting it to your location or to a port or train terminal. Of course, ultimately these arrangements are the buyer’s responsibility and you would be responsible for all costs including taxes and fees involved in relocating the unit.

Train caboose 01

Train in operation


It sounds like they are having fun playing with their train. πŸ™‚ I don’t know if they set it up just to show people the ride in operation or if they did it to help with the refurbishing process. They may have wanted a way to test their work.

I don’t know if this was all the room they had or if they did this to avoid running a fowl of the city’s rules concerning operating a train. Never-the-less, you can see and hear this gorgeous train running. And I hope the video does it justice.

Train caboose inside 01

Walk around


This video was taken specifically because I asked them to. I was hoping that they would give you a look at the engine and other working parts. The tour inside the cab is at least educational.

Additional photos

If you want to see more photos of the train, you can see them on the equipment listings page

This post may not be as full of facts and historical details as I prefer, but one thing I can tell you is the love and pride in their work that these gentlemen have. I can feel it every time I talk to them about the train and the work they put into it.

I do know that they are looking forward to selling it for two reasons. One they want this train to have a good new home to be enjoyed and loved by a new generation of families.

They also want to purchase their next project. I don’t know what kind of classic car it will be, but I’m sure it will be something just as exciting as this train has been.

Where I see this train

Like I said in the video this train is in pristine condition. It would be right at home in just about any setting. In addition to the obvious like amusement parks, theme parks, and city parks; I could also see it at a shopping mall, pumpkin patch, or manufacturing facility. And it would be a centerpiece in any train park.

If you have any questions or want to visit the ride to inspect it towards making a purchase; then please call or text me at 979-215-1770. You can also email me at maxwell@midwaymarketplace.com

You can use the same contact information if you would like to be featured in one of my videos. The same applies should you have equipment you want to list with me. I do work on commission, but there is no fee unless I make the sale. I’m all about doing whatever I can to show your equipment to its best advantage.

As for these videos I do have plans to start doing them in person on location with my clients and their equipment. But I am a totally blind person, so until I solve the logistical issues; these will have to do.

I think I can continue to do good work as long as people continue to submit their videos. Which reminds me in the coming weeks I will be sharing some other great rides. I have a round-up, loop-o-plane, and rock-o-plane from california along with an amazing four abreast carousel in Houston Texas.

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