Hello again; Today, I’m writing to tell you about another new ride from the fine people at Rides and Fun, formerly the Top Fun Group, of Italy. They call it the Insider, but I have also heard it referred to as the Magic Dance. I like this name much better, so that is what I will call it.

insider ride aka the magic dance a brand new ride made by rides and fun of italy and brought to you by the midway marketplace and max ivey

The manufacturer describes this ride as a swirling kaleidoscope of color, light, and sound that will thrill customers of all ages. Some of its available features include colored smoke, flashing lights, and a large scenery back wall. It also offers platforms that lift and spin, spinning cars, and other customizable movement features that make this ride popular with everyone.

Magic Dance 02

For safety they have included automatically locking safety bars and use of the optional computerized control system will make it even safer and easier to operate.

Magic Dance 03

The dimensions are 18 meters, or about 60 feet, by 16 meters, or about 55 feet. It requires 70 KW or KVA worth of power to operate, but the power requirements will change based on which light package you choose.

Magic Dance 04

It has 32 two passenger cars for a total of 64 people per load or 1200 per hour based on 16 rides per hour. They offer it in both park and traveling models.

Magic Dance 05

Below you will find links to three fine videos of the ride in operation.

The first video was taken at night.

The second is a day time view of the ride.

And the third is another night time view of it.

I think it is a very exciting new entry into the family ride market by one of the leaders in the design and manufacturing of amusement park and traveling fun fair rides. I know that many of you are familiar with this company, and I know you could contact them directly if you chose to. But I would appreciate it if you would go through my website or at least mention my name as the person who brought the ride to your attention. I can guarantee you that my small commission on this ride will not effect the price you pay in the least. This also applies to any other rides from Rides and Fun that you have seen on the midway marketplace.

This ride would be an excellent addition to any carnival, fun fair, amusement park, or family entertainment center. It would also be a good fit at a themed restaurant, pleasure pier, beach boardwalk, or even one of the larger shopping malls. Basically anywhere that large crowds of families can children gather would be a good home for one of these exciting rides. Feel free to call, email, or text me for additional information or to discuss placing an order.

If you also have amusement equipment or related items for sale, I encourage you to think about listing them with me. I do work on commissions, but I only get paid if I make the sale. Also, I don’t require or expect you to stop your own efforts. I only ask two things. If you are going to list an item on multiple sites, either don’t list a price or list it for the same amount in all ads. And if you do sell an item on your own that you let me know that it is sold so i can keep the site current. Nothing is more disappointing than having to tell someone the one ride, game, inflate, concessions machine, etc that they had their heart set on has already been sold. You can list an item by sending me an email, use the contact form, or fill in the submission form.

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