Hello again; Once again I am writing to tell you about a new ride from Rides and Fun, formerly the Top Fun Group, in Italy.


double ranger night time view


This time it is their Double Ranger. You may know this ride as the Kamikaze. This is their much improved version of that popular amusement ride.


Ride Features


Double ranger 02


Thanks to their never ending drive for technical innovation, their version of this much loved attraction is far superior to ones built by their competitors. First, it has a larger more powerful motor. The motor they use is up to 30 percent stronger than what is used in some other models. Next, the precision balance of the counter weight gives riders thirteen smooth rotations per minute rather than the jerky gravity based rotation found in many other designs. The use of a single-piece gear box converter means there are fewer parts to wear out resulting in lower operating costs over the life of the unit. This also results in a lower noise level for riders, spectators, and operators a like. They have also added computer assisted operation and system monitoring to make it easier to use and maintain. When you combine a popular, money making ride with the added technical features that are included; Rides and Fun’s Double Ranger could be said to offer twice the value of alternative models.


Ride Dimensions and Capacity


Double ranger 03


They offer this proven money winner in both trailer mounted and park models. The dimensions are 18 meters, or about 60 feet, long by 8 meters, or about 27 feet, deep by 18 meters, or 60 feet, in height. It has a capacity of 32 riders per load. It can be produced with regular or LED lighting. The portable version is mounted on a single trailer measuring 13.6 meters in length or about 46 feet.


Ride Videos


Double ranger 04


In addition to the great photos they have provided you can see this ride in action by clicking on one of the three videos below.

Brand New Double Ranger video 1


Brand New Double Ranger Video 2


Brand New Double Ranger Video 3


Ride History

I thought you might want to have some background on these rides, so I included the following information. You can read even more by visiting this page on Wikipedia The Kamikaze, also known as a Double-Arm Ranger, The Apollo, or the Sky Master and Sky Flyer; is a pendulum amusement ride, usually found as a traveling ride, with some examples found at amusement parks. The ride is manufactured by FarFabbri and Sartori; and first made its debut in 1984. Since then, over 150 Kamikazes have been sold. Similar designs have been produced by A.R.M., Sky Master, Top Fun, Meisho, Mondial, and Vekoma. There is a version of the ride called the Footloose, where the riders feet are dangling below the car. And there is also a park model manufactured by Zamperla called the Hawk 48 where riders’ feet dangle below the seats.


mondial tornado for sale in the netherlands


This one is called the Mondial Tornado. It is one of the other versions of the kamikaze or double ranger. I happen to have this one for sale on my site. I mention this because it is probably the most impressive one ever built. It is what I like to call a kamikaze on steroids. It takes two trailers and is 85 feet in height during operation.


Ride Operation

The ride consists of a single stationary tower, supporting two 16-passenger gondolas on rotating arms. Passengers are arranged in rows of two, with the first four rows facing in one direction, and the other four facing opposite. During the ride, passengers are swung backwards and forwards to build up momentum, before the gondola performs several inversions. The two gondolas are connected to the motor so that they swing simultaneously; with one arm rotating clockwise while the other rotates counterclockwise.


Ride Safety


Passengers are restrained by a shoulder harness, as well as a secondary locking bar across their laps. Compressed air is used to actuate the shoulder harness, with a fail-safe mechanism which engages the shoulder harness in the event of power failure. The loss of compressed air also causes the shoulder harnesses to engage. In addition, the gondola’s sides and roof are made up of closely spaced metal bars, allowing riders to see the world outside, while preventing anyone from falling out while the ride is in motion. Like most ride safety measures, these are only effective if safety and height restrictions are enforced. To date, the only deaths or severe injuries caused on a kamikaze ride have been caused by a failure to follow the height restrictions, or complacency on the part of the operator or deck personnel. Most carnivals, fairs, and amusement parks require riders to be at least 48 inches, or 122 centimeters, or taller.


Ordering The Double Ranger


Double ranger 06

If you wish to place an order, then feel free to call or text me at 979-215-1770. You are also welcome to email me at maxwell@midwaymarketplace.com I will coordinate between you and my contacts at Rides and Fun to get you a quote in a timely manner. Now, I know some of you are familiar with this company and could contact them directly yourselves, but I am hoping you will respect my hard work by purchasing through my site. At the very least I hope you will mention my name as being responsible for causing you to act. I can assure you that my commission will not effect your final purchase price in the least.


These units would be a perfect addition to any carnival, fun fair, or amusement park. They would be equally at home at a Beach boardwalk, pleasure pier, themed restaurant, or anywhere else large crowds of families gather.


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