Hello again; Today, I’m writing to tell you about another new listing from the fine people at Rides and Fun, Formerly the Top Fun Group of Italy.

formula 1 electric go kart part of a new line of karts fro sale by rides and fun that can be found at the midway marketplace

This time it is Their entry into the market for electric go karts. The karts come in a variety of sizes suitable for either children or adults or both. The thing I found compelling about this product line is the fact that they don’t just make traditional style go karts. They also manufacture units that resemble farm tractors, safari jeeps, and motorcycles. And I believe they could produce other models to fit with the theme of your business if you just asked them.

Children’s Karts

this is one of the childrens go karts for sale by rides and fun on the midway marketplace

The small go karts are designed for children between three and six years old. They have high safety standards and because of their size can operate on a small track. This makes them especially suited for family entertainment centers and other indoor venues. This would also make them easier to use on a portable basis with an inflatable barrier or some other form of portable track.

Adult Karts

F1 kart 2

The large go karts have been designed for high performance and are made out of heavy duty materials. They are suitable for kids from ten years old and up as well as for adults. Tracks for these more powerful karts require more room, so design and planning are more difficult.

Track Design

this one is called the Le mans kart and its the fastest and most powerful one i sell for them

The fine people at Rides and Fun and I will be happy to work with you to design a track that takes into account the types of karts you plan to use along with the space you have available. We can also advise you as to which karts would be suitable given the age range of customers you plan to attract. If you want a Grand Prix style track, that is definitely possible with the Formula Senior models. The variety of karts available will allow you to use your imagination to create your own unique racing experience.

Theme Suggestions

Safari kart kiddy

You could use these all-terrain vehicles to create a safari themed racing environment. The kids could imagine competing in an around the world race as they weave their way through a simulated jungle or desert themed course.

Farm tractor kart

For owners of pumpkin patches and other agri-tourism businesses these kiddie tractor karts could be a perfect addition. Whether the kids are picturing themselves plowing fields or competing in a high speed tractor race they would have fun.

Motorcycle kart

And these motorcycles would be a good safe way for the kids to let out the rebel inside themselves. Notice the device that keeps the bikes from falling over.

Now, I know that many of you are familiar with this company; and you could easily contact them directly. However, I hope that you will go through my website or at the very least mention my name as the person who brought them to your attention. I can assure you that my small commission will not effect the final purchase price in the least. Feel free to call or text me at 979-215-1770 or email me with any questions or to discuss track layouts and theming options towards placing an order.

These beautiful new karts would be a perfect addition to any existing amusement business or a great centerpiece attraction around which to start a brand new business. I could easily see them at an amusement park, family entertainment center, themed restaurant, pleasure pier, or beach boardwalk. You could use them to start a stand alone kart racing business at a mall, shopping center, traders village, flea market, etc. And with some imagination they could be a fine addition to a carnival, fun fair, or party hire business.

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