Hello again; When I finally realized that I wasn’t going to be able to keep my first dream alive of taking over my father’s small carnival, I thought well now I won’t have any reason to look forward to the end of the season. Because honestly, about the end of July or the first part of August most are looking forward to some time at home to relax with the family recharge their batteries and dream about next year. I had to realize that from now on I would be looking forward to the season’s end for a whole new reason. That is when most show owners are most likely to be looking to buy, sell, or trade equipment making it the beginning of my biggest season now. And this week I found out that I already have a sale lined up for then. The owner of the
Wisdom mounted Rock-O-Plane
wisdom mounted rock-o-plane from california
and the
Eyerly Loop-O-Plane
eyerly loop-o-plane from California
in California has accepted a contract to sell them both to a park in Florida at the end of his season. Having the buyer agree to wait until the year is over is not an unusual occurrence because at this point in the year the owner of the rides could not replace them in time to have them for his September and October fairs. They have agreed on a date for the new owners to pick the rides up, and a deposit has been given. So, in early November my friend will have sold two rides that have been on his rout for several years. He will be looking to replace them with something his fair committees haven’t seen before. He is hoping for a folding round-up or a dizzy dragons, but he would consider other easy major rides or flashy intermediate ones. This too is not unusual. Many show owners can only upgrade their ride line up by selling older equipment to pay for the newer. This is the way it was for my family’s show, and I imagine it is the way for many family owned small businesses in America. I’m just glad that I could help him with this sale.
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