Hello again; There are many motivational speakers out there who teach their clients to stay positive and that good things will come to them. I have always been a generally optimistic person, and I try to follow this advice on a daily basis. I try to be a good friend available to help and encourage others, and often I have been blessed by having a great opportunity fall into my lap or by meeting someone special who helped me to achieve my goals.
So today, I want to share something that happened over the weekend. Some of you know that for about four months now I have been appearing regularly on Brian The Hammer Jackson’s friday show dedicated to small business owners. I enjoy doing the show, and I have become very friendly with the host and his staff. They are almost like family. They are always there to hear about my week and encourage me to even better in the week to come. Well, last week they surprised me with a new company logo. I didn’t ask them to do it, and I didn’t know they were even working on it. It turns out that the show now has a smart phone application called “uppsite” and as part of the launch they wanted to have links to all their regular guests. They said that without a graphic my information would have gotten lost amongst all the other text and links. As some of you know I am almost totally blind. I have never had a company logo, and don’t think it is something that I could do myself. It is also something that I just didn’t have a budget for hiring someone to create one for me. I have been putting off buying new business cards or other promotional items because I didn’t think just text would be considered professional enough. So, I want to thank Kelly Corbin for coming up with the following graphic.
new logo for the midway marketplace created by kelly corbin of anarckey entertainment
I showed it to my family and shared it with my friends on face book, and everyone says it is excellent. I’ve been told it would make a perfect image for new business cards or banner ads on other people’s sites. It would need to be edited some to be the logo on my website, but I am very happy with it. First, that they would do this for me without being asked and without wanting anything in return for it. They just wanted me and my company to succeed and decided that my having a banner link on their new app and on their blog was something I needed. Brian Jackson, Carrie Brooks, and Kelly Corbin are true friends to me and my business. Not something you would expect from people just putting on a radio show, but that is what happens when you keep yourself open to new opportunities. I am looking forward to this friday’s show. I hope you will use the comments section to share some of your own stories about unexpected kindness that came from having a open heart and mind. And please share this post with your friends, family, and coworkers. We all have to help each other. So, if you have a question or if there is a project you think I can help with; I hope you won’t hesitate to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks and take care, Max