Hello again; This time, I’m not writing to tell you about a new or used ride. And I’m not writing to share a sale or pending one. Instead I’m writing to tell you about my progress at recording videos.


My Big Dream


To start with I thought I should tell you why I want to record videos. It has to do with a dream I have had for a while now. You see one of the biggest problems I have with helping people sell their equipment is the lack of quality photos and or videos. And this is true of both New and Used equipment. So, my plan is to visit my clients at their home or winter quarters or at events they are working. I want to work with them to arrange having their items set up so proper photos and videos can be taken. I would also interview the owners and their key employees. And I would round this out with trips to sites of local interest. In addition to the owners of equipment there would also be shows spotlighting manufacturers, vendors, and industry leaders. And if time permits there would also be visits to well known amusement based businesses like amusement parks, circuses, museums, etc. i believe the show could be helpful in educating people about the amusement industry as well as portray it to the public in a better light. And most importantly I believe it would help sell the equipment people have entrusted to me.


My First Step


My first step was to figure out how to use the built in camera on my laptop. I am almost totally blind, so my primary concern was how to set the camera so my face would appear in the middle of the screen. My good friend Robin Hallett helped me with that. She is one of my closest friends and one of the few people I shared this dream with early on. She offered to talk with me via skype and help me figure out how to place the computer’s monitor so i would know roughly where to set it when I needed to record a video. She helped me figure out the settings for when I was sitting down or lying down. She also helped me figure out how to use the call recording software. This was the end of June. So, now I thought I was ready to record my first video.


Getting The Volume Right


So, I wrote myself a script and prepared to record my first video. I sat down and gave it a try. Only to find that when I played it back that I could hardly hear my own voice. I tried to raise the volume but Quick Time and Imovie are not the most accessible programs for a blind user. I asked on the email list for blind Mac users with no success. I discussed it with my brother Patrick, and he told me the best answer would be to wait until I could purchase a quality headset microphone. Since by this time it was already thanksgiving, I told the family I wanted one for Christmas. And sure enough it was there Christmas morning. So, now I can finally get started.


My First Video


And on December 27th I recorded my first video. It was a Christmas message. I will include the link to it below, but I should warn you that I recorded it lying down. I did this because my bedroom is the only place I can count on having quiet and privacy. I love my family, but like all real families we are sometimes loud noisy and messy. But I didn’t figure my viewers would want to see that. If you can get past the weird camera angle, I think it is a very good first try. And I’m going to leave it up so people can see where I started and so I can always look back at the beginning. Well, enough stalling, here it is.



I hope you will leave comments on this one and my future videos.


My Second Video


I received a few helpful comments on my first video. My friends told me to sit up for future videos. They also suggested adding photos and links. I don’t yet know how to add links or images, but I did record my second video sitting up. And I think I am making some good progress. This second video tells people a little about myself, the website, standard commission fees, and introduces a special offer for people wanting to sell their equipment on the site. I will explain the offer in the next section. But I want you to check out the video first. At least I hope you will. I am looking forward to hearing what you think of the video, my progress, and the offer itself. The video can be seen here.



The Offer


The point of making the videos was to get some practice being in front of the camera. In high school i had some problems with stage fright. I was horrible when I had to do anything solo. Now that I know I can make videos, the question is how to make my dream come true. And as it is with a lot of things the issue is money. The question is how to fund the show. I had a good year. I made more sales than ever before, but I still haven’t generated enough money to go out on the road. So, here is the offer. If someone would help with the costs of recording the first show, then I would be willing to take half my usual commission or charge the expenses back against future sales. Obviously, this would only interest someone who has several items for sale and who could also use the publicity. I believe I would need a driver who owns or has use of a car, someone to operate the camera and assist with editing; and the usual transportation and living expenses. I should mention that I have travelled with a small family carnival, so I’m not looking to live like a rock star. Please feel free to call or text me at 979-215-1770. Or you can email me at maxwell@midwaymarketplace.com with any questions or just to discuss the idea further.


I hope you enjoy the post and the videos included with it. If you do, then please leave me a comment either on youtube, the blog, or both. I promise to reply promptly to all of them. Your comments on the blog do get you back links to your website, twitter profile, and most recent post if you are also a blogger. And I really hope you share this post with your friends and family. I think the offer is a good opportunity for the right person or company, but it is only good if it gets to someone who sees the possibilities.


Thanks for taking the time to read my posts. I know everyone is busy and you have lots of other people calling for your attention. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to make these posts better or easier to read. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks and take care out there, Max