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Today I am writing to tell you about another of the many fine new rides made by Rides and Fun, formerly The Top Fun Group, of Italy that can be seen on my website and purchased through me. This time it is their Mini Nessi Kiddie roller coaster.

beautiful mini nessi kiddie roller coasters made by rides and fun in italy and sold through the midway marketplace

These kiddie coasters offer many of the same features found in their larger coasters. They can reach fun speeds in a compact space, and the large cars offer comfortable seating for both children and their parents. So these rides provide fun for the entire family.

The photos included are of their standard unit in its basic configuration. The dinosaur design is the most popular version of this ride, but they can also offer it in many other colors and themes.

Mini nessi kiddie roller coaster 2

The dimensions are 15 meters, or about 50 feet, in length by 10 meters, or about 35 feet, deep. It has four cars that ride four passengers each for a total capacity of 16 people per load.

It only requires between five and eight kilowatts worth of power to operate. I’m told these units can even be made to run on single phase electricity if requested. The quiet lift operation makes them perfect for indoor locations, and the ride can be safely operated by only one person.

Mini nessi kiddie roller coaster 3

They offer these coasters in both park models and portable trailer mounted versions. The dimensions of the standard trailer version are 4.5 meters, or about 15 feet, in length by 2.1 meters, or just under 7 feet in width. They weigh 2,000 kilograms which I believe is right at 4,500 pounds. If you would like more scenery or a longer track, then of course this would require a larger and possibly a much heavier trailer.

The park models are shipped in containers. The basic unit can fit into a 20 foot container. However, if the buyer wants more scenery or a larger track layout, then most likely the manufacturer would have to use a 40 foot one.

Now, I know that many of you are familiar with this company, and you could contact them directly if you wanted to. However, I would hope that you will go through my website or at least mention my name as the person who caused you to take action. I promise you that my small commission will not effect the final purchase price in the least. Feel free to call, email, or text with questions or to request a quote.

These kiddie roller coasters are very flexible, and they have many applications for a wide variety of amusement businesses. First, the small size on the trailer means that this ride could be towed behind another ride, game, food concession, etc as part of a double load saving on fuel and drivers. These are both important concerns to anyone in the traveling end of the industry. I also believe that this ride could be mounted on a trailer along with another kiddie ride from Rides and Fun thus giving a showman or woman the opportunity to have three rides pulled by one truck with one of them most likely being an adult ride.

Their light weight and low electrical usage means they could be successfully operated by party hire companies. These businesses generally only look for easy kiddie rides that can operate on single phase electricity and that don’t require a heavy truck to move. They also prefer simple rides that can be set up and taken down by a minimum of workers in a short period of time. This is because most rentals only last a few hours, and the owner of a rental company will want to send his equipment out to two or three events in the same week.

The fact that they are a very beautiful kiddie ride that can also ride adults means that they could be at home at an amusement park, family fun center, themed restaurant, beach boardwalk, pleasure pier, or any other fixed location where large groups of families gather. Because of the potential additional income lots of places are considering adding rides that never had before such as zoos and aquariums, sports stadiums, shopping malls, traders villages, pumpkin patches, etc. Even some car dealerships and larger department stores now have the occasional ride.

If you are in the market for a new ride, then I hope you will consider this or one of the other many fine new rides from Rides and Fun available through the midway marketplace. And if a new ride isn’t yet in your budget, then please visit my equipment listings section and check out the many quality used rides, games, inflatables, attractions, generators, vehicles, etc that I have available. And if you have equipment of your own that you want to sell or trade, then please let me know by either sending me an email or using the submission form.

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