Hello again;

For the last few weeks I have been concentrating on promoting my site and the blog by visiting other people’s blogs and leaving comments. I concentrate on blogs like mine with comment love enabled so I get the back links to my website, twitter profile, and most recent blog post. And in doing this I’ve noticed something. Everyone else uses their name on their blogs while my signature is Mr. Midway. I thought maybe I should explain how I came to be called Mr. Midway.

A few years ago I was contacted about listing the big dipper roller coaster from Geauga Lake Amusement Park in Ohio. The owners had bought it at the auction following the closure of the park and were in need of finding someone who would buy the coaster and relocate it so they wouldn’t lose their investment. I took down the information, requested photos and did my usual work towards posting a ride on my site. In the description I wrote that the big dipper was a fine old coaster that in the right location could still thrill riders and make money. My respect for the coaster was what did it.

The owners of the big dipper posted a link to my ad on a message board for people who are fans of the defunct Geauga Lake Park. People from that forum started visiting my site to check out the listing. I received a big spike in traffic from it. I noticed this in my stats program, so I visited the forum. I was surprised to find that its members were impressed by my respect for the history of the coaster and the possibility of it being put in use again.

For some reason I decided to sign up for their forum. When I entered my information, I had to include the name of my company and website. Once I was accepted, I posted a subject saying that I was in deed working to sell the coaster and hoped they would continue to spread the word.

I received many kind replies to my post. I also followed along as the members shared stories and commented on the likely hood of finding a buyer for the coaster or finding someone to bring an amusement park back to the area. One of them referred to me as that Mr. Midway guy. Other people on the board started referring to me that way. The nick name stuck. And in all honesty I like the moniker.

I have adopted it as my face book profile, twitter profile, and skype user name. Although sometimes I use mister midway instead. I just wish I could have gotten either of these as a domain name. So, now you know why my blog posts and website pages say Mr. Midway instead of Max or Maxwell Ivey. What do you think? Should I stick with it or go back to using my proper name?

If you liked this post, then please share it with your friends, family, and coworkers. I encourage you to leave comments. If you have questions, then please send me an email I enjoy hearing from my readers. I hope to hear from you soon.

Thanks and take care, Max