Hello again; Any time I make a sale its a time for celebration regardless of how big the sale or the commission. I take a lot of satisfaction from bringing people together and helping to find a new home for a given ride, game, attraction, etc.
Fire engine coffee truck
But today is a special occasion for several reasons. I have closed the sale of the fire engine coffee kiosk from its owner in the United Kingdom to a buyer in Norway. So, this makes the first time that I have made a sale that didn’t originate in the United States. Second, it is another quick sale. The item was listed with me on March 6th. I posted the truck to my social media pages. That same day one of my facebook friends forwarded the post to a friend of his in Norway. A couple days after that I received a call from a Mr. Aasmund Lund Tivoli asking about the coffee kiosk. He was mistakenly informed that the truck was in the U S. He was excited to find out that it was already in Europe. He asked about best price, and as I always do; I put him in contact with the owner. I leave all questions about price to the person who did the hard work to pay for it in the first place. Mr. Tivoli spoke with the owner, and they made a verbal agreement pending an inspection which was cscheduled for the upcoming weekend. The inspection went fine, and a sale was made. It took a few days for the money to be transferred. But yesterday I was asked to submit my information for payment. Today, the commission has been received making it only two weeks from beginning to end. After the sale was concluded, I remembered that the item was priced in British pounds. So, this is the first time that I will be paid in anything other than US dollars. And its really cool that the two sales made so far this year have encouraged several new listings. My inventory is really growing, but there is always room for more good new and used equipment on my midway. If you have items you want to list, please give me a call or send an email through the contact form on the site. I welcome your questions and look forward to hearing from you. Thanks and take care out there, Max