Hello again; When my family still operated our small children’s carnival, our biggest challenge was how to improve the midway with limited funding. This usually meant having to sell one ride so we could replace it with a better one. And sometimes it meant working a trade with another carnival owner so that we could both offer our customers different rides for the next season. As the cost of new rides has gone up, even more showmen and women are looking to make trades.
Today, I’m writing on behalf of a carnival owner in California. He is looking to add two rides to his line up a dizzy dragons and a folding round-up. The dizzy dragons are one of the popular line of family spin rides built by Sellner. The round-up is the predecessor to the Dartron Zero Gravity. It was built by both Hrubetz and Kolinski. The owner thought it would be helpful for people to see the rides he is offering, so that is why I am doing this post.
In exchange for a folding round-up in excellent condition he is willing to offer a Watkins Hustler
Hustler front
Hustler side view
and a set of hampton motorcycles.
Hampton motorcycles 1
For a set of dizzy dragons he is willing to offer any two of the following kiddie rides.
Zamperla elephants,
Elephant ride
Hampton motorcycles,
Hampton motorcycles 1
Zamperla train,
Trains 2
San Antonio Roller Works antique cars,
Antique cars finished
or a Zamperla turtle parade.
Turtles finished
While the owner of these rides operates a show with over 20 rides, the current economy still encourages the smart show owner to change up his ride line up in any way possible that doesn’t require the outlaying of actual cash. Also, due to the recent recession there is still a shortage of available financing or leasing options for the general public and this is even more the case for the amusement industry. I enjoy a challenge and try to help my clients to achieve their goals whenever possible. So, if you have one of the rides he is looking for, and if you would be open to a trade for what he is offering; then please call or text me at 979-215-1770 or Send me an email with what you have to offer. Be sure and include detailed descriptions, photos, and estimated value of your equipment. Now, I know that it is difficult to pay a commission on a trade, but I would still expect to receive something for my efforts in getting you and the owner of these rides together. I am open to suggestions in that area. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks and take care, Max