Hello again; While a new listing is always a cause for excitement with me, its not often that I get asked to list a ride that is as rare as this one. The ride I am talking about is a Toboggan vertical roller coaster built by Chance rides. And this one is not only a curiosity piece, but it is a working model in great condition that is still traveling to events all over the United Kingdom.
Chance toboggan
This Chance Toboggan is available now for £70,000 or best reasonable offer. This ride is referred to as a vertical roller coaster. Its dimensions are 80 ft. long by 24 ft. deep; and the tower is 50 ft. in height. It is mounted on two 40 ft. trailers that fasten together end to end. Three people can have it ready to operate in approximately five hours. It requires 60 KW of electricity, no generator is included. The owner told me the ride is about 30 years old which would make it from the late 1970’s or early 1980’s, but it my research has revealed that Chance stopped making them in the mid 1970’s. It is in great mechanical condition having recently passed an NDT inspection, and next week it will have its structural and electrical testing done by an A.D.I.P.s engineer. Afterwards it will continue its 2013 season. I have a couple of photos of this ride loaded on the trailer for transport, but to really appreciate this virtual one of a kind attraction, I suggest you Watch this video
For those who would like to know a little more about this unusual amusement ride, I have copied the following text from Wikipedia
The Toboggan is a portable roller coaster that was built by Chance Industries from 1969 to the mid-1970’s. The coaster features a small vehicle that holds two people. The cars climb vertically inside a hollow steel tower then spirals back down around the same tower. There is a small section of track at the base of the tower with a few small dips and two turns to bring the ride vehicle back to the station. Each vehicle has a single rubber tire with a hydraulic clutch braking system that governs the speed of the vehicle as it descends the tower. The rubber tire engages a center rail that begins halfway through the first spiral. The ride stands 45 feet tall with a track length of 450 feet. A typical ride lasts approximately 70 seconds. The coaster was invented by Walter House of Amarillo, Texas, and Chance acquired the manufacturing rights and started producing it in 1969. The coaster was designed to be a carnival ride, fitting on two trailers, but several units were purchased by amusement parks where they were set up as permanent attractions. When the ride was first offered in 1969 it had a price tag of $35,000. Chance only built 32 of these units making the few remaining models unique attractions.
This one is located in the United Kingdom and available immediately. Of course, the buyer would be responsible for picking it up or arranging for its transportation. This ride would be a fine addition to any carnival, fun fair, amusement park, or family entertainment center. And for the independent ride owners out there, just imagine the bookings for this unique thrill ride. Feel free to call or email with questions about this ride or anything else you see on the site. I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks and take care, Max