Hello again; Today, I’m bringing you another episode of the midway’s showcase called the calliope corner. This time the subject is the Chance Wipeout I have for sale on the site for $100,000. And as part of the show we will also talk about its predecessor the Chance Trabant. I’ll share some of their history along with my own memories. Th first link will be to the video of the whole show. If you don’t want to watch it all, you can scan down to the headings that say trabant video or wipeout video to watch just the ride footage.

Full Show Video

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Or you can use this direct link to watch in on youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9_Iqveg0fA&feature=youtu.be

Trabant History

1965 chance trabant ride

Carl Sedlmayr of Royal American Shows discovered the Trabant (German for satellite) in Germany. He purchased the manufacturing rights from the young German man who invented it, and approached Harold Chance of Chance Rides. to build the ride. Chance saw the potential in the ride, made it flashier by adding lights and colorful panels, and mounted it on a trailer so it would be portable. The first ride was sold in 1963 and it became very popular with traveling showmen. Chance eventually started producing a permanent model that was not mounted to a trailer. The ride was also available in a number of different themes such as Mexican Sombrero, Wagon Wheel, and Roulette Wheel. Chance sold 254 Trabant rides between 1963 and 1990.

My Memories

Trebant 2

Now, when that article says Chance made the ride portable, they didn’t tell the full story. You see, the first versions of the ride were portable in the strictest sense of the word, but they weren’t easy by any stretch of the imagination. The center was mounted on a trailer, but you had to assemble the rest of the ride by hand. It took four men about four hours to have one of these early models ready to operate. It was only in later models that the floor supports would fold out and the floor could b winched down and some of the seats would stay attached to the ride.

Trebant 3

Two of my uncles owned one of these early models. My uncle John, Shorty, Crouch who owned Lone Star Amusements and my Uncle Albert Wagner who owns Wagners Carnival. My friend, Robert Lujan of Great Plains Amusements still owns one. I had his for sale last year, but they have since refurbished it and have decided they don’t want to sell it any more. I really can’t blame them. It is hard work, but as my dad used to say its paid for. You can’t blame a family carnival owner for wanting to hang on to a solid major ride like this. Th photos of the trabant in this post are of Robert’s 1965 model. I have a video of a 1970’s model operated by Earl’s Rides in the midwest. YOu can see it at the link below.

Trabant Video

Wipeout Background Information

1991 chance wipeout for sale on the site

In 1991 Chance introduced the Wipeout, an updated version of the Trabant that has seating that faces in both directions and has the ability to spin faster than a Trabant. During the duration of the ride, the ride will change speeds. When the ride is fluctuating in its wavelike manner, the person will feel like the ride is not going that fast. However, when the ride is almost over, the person will feel forces on their body, and get pushed toward the outside of the cars. This happens when the ride starts lowering to the ground in a non-wavelike manner. When the ride moves in this way, it acts like a Music Express. Both the Trabant and Wipeout move forwards and backwards. Because of the forces experienced on the ride, there must be two riders on the ride at all times. Most parks and carnivals require that riders be a minimum of 42 inches tall with an adult, and 48 inches tall without an adult. Seating on the ride consists of 20 seats, with two people on the left and two people on the right. There is a maximum of 40 people on the ride. Other names of the Wipeout/Trabant are: the Mexican Hat, Hully Gully, Sombrero, Wagon Wheel, Casino, Razzle Dazzle and Super Satellite.

The background information on the Trabant and wipeout comes from Wikipedia and can be found at the following link. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wipeout_(ride

Chance wipeout 2

I don’t have any personal experience with the wipeout. By the time they came along I had lost most of my vision. My family’s show was never successful enough to own one of them or their competitor the Casino. From all I have heard they are easy to set up and tear down for an adult major amusement ride. They are quick loading and are very flashy with lots of lights and great ride action. I have not heard of any major safety hazards or design flaws. And as far as I know they are as low maintenance as any other traveling ride. My Cousin Jason Wagner owns one, and I hear he is very happy with his wipeout. Next, is the link to the video of the wipeout I have for sale.

Wipeout Video

Chance wipeout 4

The pictures of the wipeout were taken last season, and the video was taken just last week at a fair in south Texas. Its owners operate a large carnival that travels from Texas to Missouri or Nebraska and back each year. The rid appears to be in very good mechanical condition. The video was taken on their cell phone which explains the small size of the image. But I think you can still get a good idea of the ride’s current condition. And the earlier video shows you what the trabant was all about. These rides are excellent for amusement parks, carnivals, fun fairs, family entertainment centers, beach boardwalks, pleasure piers, themed restaurants, etc.

I would love to have gone in person or sent someone to take better photos and video of the ride, but for the time being; this is the best I can do. I prefer photos and videos of at least 800 by 640 or 640 by 480 pixcels. Currently, I don’t have the funding to do these shows on location, but I’m hoping to fix that very soon. If you would like to help support this dream of mine, then pleas use the donate button on the site.

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