Hello again; This week I am proud to announce that I have finally recorded the first episode of The Midway Showcase which will be a regular show based on the amusement industry. The plan is to include interviews with industry leaders, visits to notable amusement based businesses, and the proper display of equipment available on the site. Like all things I do, the ultimate goal is to improve my chances of finding new homes for the rides, games, inflatables, vehicles, concessions machines, etc that have been entrusted to me.


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Chance Park Model Carousel


Chance Park Carousel 01


This week’s featured item is a 1997 Chance Rides park model carousel for $89,999. The ride is in good mechanical and cosmetic condition. Its current owners had been operating it for about four years now.Β It has 14 horses and one chariot. According to the manufacturer’s specifications the ride can handle a maximum of 16 adults and 14 children per load. Based on this they came up with a capacity of 720 people per hour with a ride cycle of two to two and a half minutes. From my own personal experience in the industry, I believe four to five hundred per hour would be closer to the truth.


Just The Ride Video


Chance Park Carousel 02


If you just wanted to see the video of the ride in action, then you can click this next link.



This video was taken about four months ago at a mall in South Carolina where the unit is still on location. After watching the video, I’m sure you have a couple of concerns. And I will address them now. There is a squeaking noise when the ride is running. I’m not too worried about that noise for two reasons. One if you notice the squeaking gets quieter the longer the ride is running. It is coming from the mechanism that makes the horses go up and down. My guess is it just needs to be greased. Second, if you ignore the squealing sound, you will notice that the rest of the ride is running smoothly and quietly. Next, you probably noticed some lights out at the top of the ride. I have been assured by the owners that there are no electrical problems. They tell me it only needs to have some bulbs replaced. Since they are planning on selling the ride, replacing the bulbs is something that could be done much easier during the process of removing, transporting, and reinstalling it at its new location. By the way the buyer would be responsible for all the relocation costs. The owners may be able to assist with the process for an additional fee.


Some Final Thoughts About The Carousel


Chance Park Carousel 03


I know that most people would probably expect that a ride in a mall would be in perfect condition. The truth is that even in an indoor environment where the temperature and humidity are controlled it comes down to regular maintenance. The owners of this ride operate many units in several locations. I still feel that this would be a good ride whether it would be your first purchase or as part of expanding your business. A unit like this would be an excellent addition to an amusement park, family entertainment center, themed restaurant, pleasure pier, or beach boardwalk. Since it would be coming out of a mall, obviously it would be a good fit in a shopping center, traders village, flea market, city park, zoo or aquarium. Basically, it would fit in anywhere that large groups of families with children gather.


If you have further questions about this or any other item on the website, or if you want to move forward on purchasing the Chance carousel; then feel free to call or text me at 979-215-1770. You can also email me at maxwell@midwaymarketplace.com You are also welcome to contact me if you wish to b featured in a future episode of the show or if you have equipment you want to list. I am expecting several other rides from this company, so stay tuned to the site.


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