Hello again; I generally try to avoid writing self congratulatory posts. I figure that once a year on the anniversary of the site is plenty, but last month was an exceptionally good month for website traffic. Over the last year the site has averaged about 3,500 visitors a month viewing a total of about 15,000 pages. Last December there was a high of a little over 19,000 page loads for that month. Well, in April the site had 5,998 visitors who visited the site an average of 2.1 times each and viewed a total of over 42,000 pages. The average visit was 3.35 pages. All this traffic resulted in the site achieving and maintaining an alexa rank of 2.5 million or better worldwide and the top 500,000 or better in the United States for the last three weeks.
I checked with my contact at Sippers By Design and he told me that they had also experienced one of their best traffic months ever. He said they were pleased with the amount of traffic coming through from my site to theirs. The only downside is that they didn’t have any mechanism for knowing how many of these visitors actually placed orders. He promised that they would be improving the system to address this issue. It sounds very likely that when their free month ends on May 15th that they will be renewing the ad on a paid basis. I was told to expect information and screen shots from their analytics page by the 7th or 8th. I will post them when they become available. I want other prospective advertisers to see how well I have been doing for this first account.
Now, the next issue is what caused all this improvement in the site’s traffic and search engine ranking. I think there are two reasons for this. First, through a concerted effort, I have expanded my linked in network My number of contacts has grown to over 2,100 and according to linked in, I am now interconnected to over 10 million business professionals worldwide. Now, not all of these people are in the amusement industry, and not all of them will see every post I put up on linked in; so this may sound better than it is in reality. However, I choose to see it as meaning there is a huge potential that my equipment listings will reach someone who needs to hear about them or knows someone who does. The second key to this recent success is my continued appearances on Brian the hammer Jackson’s radio show I feel like he has given me access to a whole new potential audience. Again, I don’t know how many of these visitors will have need of my services; but by having them come to the site they are helping the site get found by those who do need it. Also, I enjoy going on the show. I feel welcomed there, and I always seam to have new found energy after talking with Brian and his crew for a while.
I’m glad to see that all the hard work is starting to produce results as far as website traffic is concerned. For those who know me, they won’t be surprised that I want and expect more sales. I also want to bring in more advertisers. I currently have slots for ten companies on the site, and one of them is promised to the people at Sippers By Design. If you have a product that could be of use to people working in the amusement industry, then I hope you will contact me to discuss placing your ad. I am willing to give you the first month free so you can determine whether or not your company would benefit from sponsoring the website. I am confident that you will be convinced of its value.
Please feel free to call or email with questions or problems. I am always here to help if I can. I hope to hear from you soon. thanks and take care, Max