A blind person’s experience with Pinterest

Hello friends! Recently, I have been working on an interview with a friend of mine who runs a blog about writing called Wording Well. Her name is Lorraine Reguly, and we will shortly be co-authoring a post about yours truly. She has encouraged me to be more open about the fact that I am blind and share some more about how I manage my life in general and this website in particular. She was surprised that a blind person is on Pinterest much less that I seem to be building a following there and am actually using it to promote sales of amusement equipment and related items. She wanted to hear how I do this and thought I should write a post to share my experience with the rest of you. I hope you enjoy the post. I have never thought of anything I do as being all that special. However, the more that I interact with people the more I am realizing I am an inspiration to many of you. So, I am embracing that role and sharing some of how I do this with you. Feel free to forward any questions about me in particular or blind people in general. I like to think I am unique, but I’m sure I can help with any of your questions.

Pinterest screen shot

Why I joined

I’m sure most of you are wondering why a totally blind person decided to join a social media network that is almost exclusively visual. I have to admit that I was skeptical myself. I asked my friends and family what is this Pinterest. Most of them weren’t really sure. They thought it was mostly a scrapbooking site. I asked on Facebook, and my friends on there said, “Max, itís for crafters, hobbyists, do it yourself people, etc.” I was told that it was highly unlikely I could use it to help sell amusement equipment, which is the criteria I use for all my decisions. What finally convinced me to try it was the fact that almost every blog I visited had a share on Pinterest button. And even my newly installed sharing buttons had one of these too. So, I opened an account, created a board titled amusement equipment and posted my first pin. But for those of you who know me, you know that if I decide to do something; I am going to try my darndest to be one of the best at it.

Finding People To Follow

My next thought was, “Who do I follow on here?” I tried searching for carnivals, fun fairs, amusement parks, family fun centers, etc., and I didn’t find much. I figured I would have to be more creative and expansive in my searching. So, I tried caterers, wedding planners, and balloons. Now, these people aren’t going to need rides and games, but they will need concessions machines tables and chairs, helium tanks, chocolate fountains, etc. Next, I tried all the major fair food groups and was very successful finding people to follow using words like funnel cakes, cotton candy, hot dogs, pizza, French fries, corn dogs, etc. Naturally, I found mostly permanent locations, but yet again these places will have need to buy and more likely sell all kinds of food and drink machines. Finally I tried arcades, boardwalks, bowling alleys, and skating rinks. I don’t have enough coin-operated equipment on the site mainly because most people don’t realize I sell it on the site. So, you may have to be more inventive when searching Pinterest than when trolling other social media sites; it is possible to find businesses to connect with in almost any niche.

Follow Peoples’ followers

Another way you can find people to follow is by following the followers. When you visit anyone’s profile or home page on Pinterest you will find an area that says pins from. These are people who that person is following. If the person you have targeted might be interested in what you are promoting, then the people they pay attention to may also be interested. So, I started clicking those links and reading their headlines. If they may be interested in the amusement industry, social media, blogging, personal development, or my story; then I also followed their posts. In my opinion this is the equivalent of a friend or connection request because each time you follow someone they get an email notification. The message says “mistermidway has started following you and you may want to follow him back.” I love getting these messages! So far there has only been one page I could not reciprocate with. It was a page about milfs. I won’t mention what the abbreviation stands for, but most of you know and as a result know why I couldn’t follow them back.

Join Groups To Meet People

Another great way to find people to follow is to join groups. This should be familiar to anyone who has spent much time on Facebook or Google Plus. I haven’t done much with groups yet. I am a member of a few, but they each invited me to join. When you do a search on Pinterest, You have the option of getting results of pins, pinners, or boards. When you find a board you like, you click follow. If the board is a group board or a collaberative board, and if the owner approves of you becoming a member; He or she will invite you to join the group. Once this happens, you can then add pins to these group boards which will be seen or at least may be seen by everyone who is a member of this group board. One thing I do love about Pinterest is no one can sign me up to a board without my permission. If someone thinks you would like their board, you get an email. Its then up to you if you want to click the link and find out what their group is all about. You then have to click either join or ignore. I’m a big fan of using email notifications to manage social media, so I love their system. You also get an email alert every time someone else posts to these group boards. I am currently a member of a group for friends of the Ventura county fair, another for dog lovers, and one to support other small business owners. Pinning on the boards you have joined is another good way to get exposure to more people on the network. And when you have relevant posts to pin, itís a great way to maximize your promotion efforts. I usually start with a photo of myself and an introductory post. I encourage you to write such a post and save it for when you need it. Remember to include a link to your website, blog, or better yet your primary pinning board.

Here Is Where Content Comes In

I must admit that finding and following people was easier to figure out than learning how to post items. I actually had to search Google until I found a tutorial on it along with a link for submitting pins that I saved to my bookmarks page. Since then, Pinterest has made the process easier for someone using a screen reader. Basically, I click the “add a pin” link which is the second icon on your home screen that says “add a pin.” The other one isn’t a link. It is clickable, but it isn’t as easy to use. I don’t know why there are two of them or why they behave differently. Next, I find the “select file” option and browse my computer to pick a file to upload. After that, I write a description that includes a link back to my site. I do this because most of my posts have to do with pieces of amusement equipment, and I want people to follow my post to the site where they can see the rest of the photos, watch a video if one is available, read the full description, and have the option of surfing the rest of my site. The plan is once they are on the site, they will want to look at other items for sale, check out my blog posts, browse through the links section, or click one of the links to connect with me on other forms of social media. You want to include the best photo you have whenever possible. Sometimes, the point you are making requires a lower quality photo or one in a specific size or format. But the important thing here is you want to consistently post good content because your followers and your follower’s followers are all watching.

Value of Sharing Friends’ Posts

Now, like with all forms of social media, the best way to get noticed is to interact with others on the network. As a totally blind person Its difficult for me to read posts on Pinterest. Some people add text, but most just post images. So, I have a hard time knowing what posts to share or what they call repin on Pinterest. To get around this I share my friends’ posts. I am subscribed to lots of blogs and several YouTube channels. I will tell you it is easier to share YouTube videos than it is to share blog posts. Part of this is the fact that YouTube is totally visual and has better designed sharing buttons. Another reason is that not everyone includes images in their posts. If a post doesn’t have at least one image in it, then the share on Pinterest button won’t work. Now, I love sharing my friends’ content, so sometimes I will search their sites for their profile images to download so I can pin their post. But I do this rarely, and you should make it easy for people to share your articles on any network you have sharing buttons for. And while I’m not on Instagram, I imagine this would also apply there. The point to this is that by sharing my friends’ content I have Pinterest posts that are more than just me saying, “Hey look at me” or “Look at this” or “I just added this to my site.” Even I know that would get old. And like I said before, your followers and your followers’ followers are watching. You don’t want to give them cause to unfollow. More importantly, you want their followers to see your posts and go, “I need to follow him (or her).”

Likes And Repins

Another way to interact and grow your following on Twitter is by liking other people’s posts or sharing them by re-pinning. While I believe my followers’ followers all have access to my pins, they become much easier to find if someone re-pins them. You are basically copying their images to your board. I don’t think I have to explain likes. Me personally, I use the like button more often because it feels safer. I feel that I need to be more sure about a post and or the person who wrote it before I make it a part of my own board. I encourage my friends to email me a link to their pins if they want me to re-pin them. But just like on any other social network, the more you help other people; the more likely they are to help you. My only wish is that Pinterest would make it easier to thank someone for their help. In most cases a profile will be linked to a website, Facebook page, or Twitter profile. I’d love to be able to easily send someone a direct message thanking them for their help. So for now I click the link to their action that I received in the email notification from Pinterest and leave a comment.

Turn Your Stream into A River

I like to think of my home screen on Pinterest as a stream. I think of it that way because it contains the posts of everyone I follow as well as the posts from people they are following. At least that is the way I understand it. Every time you attract a new follower you have a chance to introduce yourself to a whole new community. And each of these people could potentially decide to become your followers. I have had many people follow me that I never asked to, so this does seem to work. You want to do everything you can to keep your posts varied and interesting not only to keep your current readers but to add new ones You add enough of these streams together and you have a mighty river of influence.

Just Doing the Best That I Can

My goal here was to show you some of the methods I use as a blind person to access Pinterest. Some of these same techniques work for me as well on other favorite networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and YouTube. I know there are better methods, but these are what work for me. And I must not be doing too badly at it because I have over 600 followers on Pinterest in a relatively short time using the site. My other networks are substantial and generally growing. I receive just as many invites to join other people’s networks as I send out. I would like to interact more with the people in my various communities, but there is only so much one person can do especially when that one person is blind. I am considering getting an ipad because many of the social media networks have iOS applications that make them much easier to use and allow you to be a more active part of the conversation. I hope you have enjoyed this post If you have, then please share it with your friends, family, and coworkers. Just use the buttons at the bottom of this post. And please leave a comment. I believe in visiting the sites of people who comment and reading at least one of their posts. And with CommentLuv, you do get those lovely backlinks. I love getting email from my readers and hope to hear from you soon. Thanks and take care, Max.


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    • Hi Lorraine; So glad you enjoyed the post, and thanks for cleaning it up a bit for me. I’m trying to follow your teachings about editing my posts better. Didn’t mind mentioning your site, as you have been helpful; and we do have a post coming out soon. I want as many people as possible to see that upcoming post, so that gives me yet another reason to push your new and improved site. I hope people do enjoy reading this post. I was going to say its not my usual kind of post, but then I thought about the posts about my first videos, the clothes from robert graham, and the one about how my friends helped make the site more professional looking; and I realized that I have often done posts similar to this. I also noticed that these posts have generally received the highest traffic and largest numbers of comments. So, I will continue to share more of my personal challenges as long as people show that they enjoy hearing about them. thanks again for being such a good friend and take care, max

  1. Hi Max,

    I’d no idea you were so active on Pinterest – very interesting to hear how you use it. I have an account on there but, to be honest, rarely use it because I find it time-consuming enough just trying to keep on top of Twitter and FB. It sounds as if it’s a good forum for your business, though. I find it very inspirational the way you don’t let your blindness stop you taking advantage of something like this, even though it’s a site that’s so focused on visuals.

    Way to go, Max 🙂
    Susan Neal recently posted…Writing Priorities: Why I’ll Be Doing Less Blogging This YearMy Profile

    • hi sue; thanks for the kind words. I’m active on a lot of the social networks. I like to say its the one place where sheer effort can compete with major brand names and people with bigger budgets or more time in business. I can understand how Pinterest may not fit into the plans of someone focused on writing and her career as a writer. And we all have to make those decisions about how best to use our time. I feel like the photos and videos can bring in traffic from Pinterest even if it is mostly from casual fans rather than serious buyers. I am trying to embrace the idea of my being an inspiration to others. Thanks again for reading my posts, leaving good comments, and bing such a good friend to me. Take care, Max

    • Hi Aksana; Thanks for your kind words. I am glad I can inspire you. I am coming to understand that I am an inspiration whether I always think of myself that way or not. But i will be honest enough to admit that I’m happier that you found my suggestions on Pinterest helpful. I appreciate the insights into the psychology behind website design that i get whenever I read your posts. Thanks for the comment my friend. Take care, Max

  2. I finally made it Max and what a great job. I admit as well being curious since I knew you didn’t read infographics so I was wondering how the heck you were able to check out images. You are such a resourceful guy.

    Now you know how I feel about you sharing more about you here on your blog without detouring away from your main goal. But you are an inspiration to me because for those that complain about not getting anywhere blogging and here you are blind and moving forward.

    That’s just so impressive to me Max so I know that those who may have similar issue with their sight will probably really appreciate this post.

    Great share Max and I’ll be sure to share this one as well. Thank you for being so open and I’m glad that Lorraine is helping you too. Watch out, you’re a real hit with the ladies now!

    Adrienne recently posted…Why Branding Matters: Powerful Tips from Brand.comMy Profile

    • Hi Adrienne; Thanks for the loving comment. I hoped the way I approached it would put it in context of the website and the ultimate goal which is helping people sell their equipment. And its only because of the encouragement of friends like you that I have come to understand the fact that I am inspirational and that sharing my challenges can not only help people with their own struggles but attract a new group of readers to the posts. Lorraine has a post coming out soon on her site that will be much more open and personal hopefully not too personal. But she said she had questions she has always wanted to know the answers to and believes others wonder about some of the same things. Naturally, I can’t do much with the posts on Pinterests that are strictly images, but some people do add a bit of text to their images. And if if one of my friends wants me to repine one of their pins they only have to send me an email and ask. A lot of women have told me I look handsome now that I have lost all the weight, but the only women i hear from are those who have blogs or websites. smile Of course, that isn’t a bad thing because it means at least we can share blogging stories. Thanks again for the generous comment, for sharing the post, and for being such a good friend to me. Take care, Max

  3. Visual bookmarking is great, but underneath that, Pinterest is just plain and simple a powerful way for keeping track of interesting stuff on the web. I’ve had a Pinterest account for a while, but it’s a bit neglected at times.
    Jeri recently posted…Finding Your Blogging NicheMy Profile

    • Hi Jeri; Thanks for the comment. I haven’t used any other bookmarking sites before Pinterest visual or otherwise. But I feel that as long as i include links back to the site along with the photos and videos that this could eventually be a top source for new site traffic. Take care, Max

  4. Wow, congratulations, Max, you’ve done an excellent job on Pinterest. Much better than I have so far and better than lots of people I know.

    You’re post is really a great tutorial about using Pinterest, as a matter of fact, and I will be sure to share it and use some of those tips myself.

    Keep up the good work!
    Sylviane Nuccio recently posted…How Can You Become A Better WriterMy Profile

    • Hi Sylviane; You don’t know how much I appreciate this. I am starting to enjoy the comments that talk about me being an inspiration, but I am more glad that people are finding useful suggestions about using Pinterest. I wrote it to share the methods I use not knowing if they would help other users. Thanks again for the encouraging comment. Take care, Max

    • Thanks Jen; I am doing my best to use any of the free online methods to promote the site and the equipment for sale on it. maybe you will get some ideas from some of the pictures I share. And its another place to share my friend’s blog posts and podcasts as long as they include an image. Take care, Max

  5. I think you have developed an amazing grasp of the various social media platforms and I applaud your ingenuity. I post twice daily on Pinterest but you know much more about the ins and outs of that site than I do. Thank you for so much useful information.

    • Hi Michele; Thanks for those kind words. I’m glad you got some helpful suggestions out of it. I had no idea that some of the tricks I use to navigate the social media with a screen reader would have applications for sighted users. Please follow me on Pinterest and I will follow you back. And please contact me if you have posts or pins I should know about. I believe in helping my friends promote their sites, posts, podcasts, etc. Thanks again and take care, Max

  6. Hey again Max. Love how open you are. You bring lots of hope each time your write. Are you able to sort of see Pinterest images based on descriptions and your previous experiences with sight? I think your use and reviews on Pinterest could be useful as they develop the app further.

    Also lol, you use “could it help me sell more amusement park equipment” as your criteria for every decision.
    Greg recently posted…Want Your Own (Hosted) Website? Consider These Factors!My Profile

    • Hi Greg; I’m so glad that I can brighten your day with my posts. I only have light perception. I basically go on the board or owner’s title the image title and what descriptions people include. I hadn’t thought of being able to help develop the platform. would you have a link where I could voice some of my thoughts. I think they have one of the most screen reader friendly of the social media sites. This is interesting for a company that is all about images and probably doesn’t expect a lot of us blind folk to use their system. And I am glad we agree that you have to decide what your core goals and values are and make all your decisions accordingly. Thanks again and take care, Max

    • Hi Jacqueline; Thanks for those sweet words. I just read your post and found that you are a wise woman. I am only just now coming to the understanding that I am an inspiration to others. And it is only because of friends like you that I can understand this roll. I have to actually remind myself that what I see in my mind as just doing what I have to do is inspiring to others and can help motivate them to achieve their own goals and dreams. Thanks again and tai care, Max

  7. Hi Max, You are such an inspiration to me. I sometimes lament about my own challenges and limitations, but I when I think of you, I feel I have little to be concerned about. There is always a way to succeed when we really try, that’s the key. You do just that, and never see things as impossible but as a possibility. Your use Pinterest is a great example of that. You rock Max. 🙂

    BTW: I just followed on your various sites. 🙂

    • Hi Susan; so glad that I am blessed with the optimistic spirit and determination that allows me to b an inspiration. You know I only recently started accepting this about myself. Most of the time I still don’t think of myself as being all that different or special, but I have great friends who remind me. And this post confirms the suggestion that people want to hear more about me in my writing whenever possible. You are meant to do great things too. And thanks for all the social media follows. Its a real friend who will sign up to all of your networks knowing that they will see a lot of the same content on them. You are a true friend. Take care, Max

      • I think you are one of the most optimistic persons I know… LOL. The fact is, it’s really hard to see ourselves as others see us. We see your kind and generous nature, where you think of it as mundane. 🙂

        • thanks susan; I appreciate your generous spirit too. I have learned a lot by following your posts. let’s continue to grow and help others together. take care, max

  8. Hi Max, You wrote a very interesting article. I’ve been thinking I should learn about Pinterest but haven’t really done so. I like your explanation and it sounds very straight-forward. Thank you. I also very much appreciate your telling us about how you navigate as a blind person. I will look forward to hearing more.
    Beth recently posted…Olympic Athletes Overcome FailureMy Profile

    • hi ahmud; Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I expected people to talk about being inspired by me and I’m glad I can do that. We all need all the motivation and inspiration we can get. But i have been surprised by how much people say my tips on Pinterest can help them with their own social media efforts. Thanks again and tai care, Max

  9. Max, this is fascinating, thanks for sharing! I love pinterest because I’m into interior design and all sorts of visual stuff, but I never thought about how it might be useful to a blind person. Pinterest advises users to put thoughtful captions on their pins, and now I can understand that concept in a whole new light. You truly are an inspiration and I’m glad you’re open to sharing about your blindness. I think you will continue to inspire a lot of people, starting with me! By the way, I’m heading over to follow you on Pinterest.
    Meredith Wouters recently posted…On a Wing and a PrayerMy Profile

    • Hi Meredith; Thanks for your kind words. I was hesitant to share too much about my blindness, but my friends kept telling me that my readers would want to hear and that I could inspire people with my story. I like that include thoughtful captions. they allow up to 500 characters so most of my captions are probably not what Pinterest originally had in mind. smile Thanks for following me on Pinterest, I have already followed you back. Let me know if I can do anything to help you. Feel free to email pins you want repinned. Thanks again and take care, Max

  10. That’s awesome Max, thank you for sharing. Lorraine was right, I did want to know. You made me think twice about how I post things. I’ll be more careful to add more description to my pieces going forward. Not only does it mean that blind people can better participate, but it also means many more people will find your pins when they do word searches. I’m a bit like Jeri with my Pinterest account. I see it as a very colorful and useful filing device, but I have a tendency to ignore it. 🙂
    Debra Yearwood recently posted…5 Ways To Be Strategic, In Spite of DataMy Profile

    • Hi Debra; Lorraine hasn’t ben the only one, but she has been the loudest. smile We will b having an in depth interview coming out on her site wordingwell.com soon. And I’m glad to hear that my post will make people think more about their descriptions when using Pinterest and other social media sites in the future. I think the best way to get more consistent with pinning is to make sure your share on Pinterest button actually works so you don’t had to think about it. When you share on face book, linked in, and twitter; it will be natural to also post a pin. I should have mentioned that, but the post was already almost 2,500 words. Thanks for reading the post, leaving such good comments, and for being a good friend. Take care, Max

    • Hi Mary; I’m glad we met there too. I am just starting to accept my roll of being an inspiration to others. I am glad that I can help in my small way to motivate and encourage others on their journey. Don’t know that I’m going to start a career in it, but at least I can accept that people want to hear more about my personal challenges and how I overcome them. I will try to include more personal information and experiences in future posts. Thanks and take care, Max

  11. thanks very much for sharing your insights, I’m sure you helped a lot of people see pinterest and other social streams more clearly, I know you did for me. I had to scroll 20 pages to get a place in line to let you know. 🙂

    • Hello; I’m glad I could help you with Pinterest and other social network sites. I appreciate your taking the time to read through the other comments to get to where you could let me know your thoughts. I expected to hear comments about doing this as a blind person or about being an inspiration to people; but I have been surprised that my suggestions on using Pinterest translate so well to anyone using these sites. Thanks again and take care, Max

  12. Hey Max

    What a great and detailed post on how to use Pinterest – and not just for blind people. Your strategies and ideas are very usable for everyone.
    I have also tried to be a little creative with how I use Pinterest as it is one of my favourite and best places for social media referrels.
    I personally find group boards lead to the most traffic. But you have to find the right ones. And in your industry, it sounds quite difficult!
    Thanks for sharing your experiences
    Ashley recently posted…How to Choose a WordPress Theme for your New Website or BlogMy Profile

    • Hi Ashly; Considering you just created a course on how to use twitter, this is a great complement. When I wrote the post, I thought most comments would have to do with a blind person using a visual networking site like Pinterest. I was even prepared for some people telling me I had no business being on there all together. And maybe I would have gotten those if I had chosen a better title. But I wasn’t prepared for so many people to tell me they learned a lot about how to use the site. I did experiment with group boards since writing the post. I didn’t find many group boards, but I did find a lot of boards for amusement parks. Not surprisingly there were almost as many boards for defunct amusement parks as there were for those still in business. I have also connected with group boards for marketers and sales people. Another thing I neglected to research was pin it to win it contests. I don’t personally see any reason why I can’t enter these contests just as easily as a sighted person. Its usually just a matter of pinning one of your photos on their board along with the proper hashtag and we all know about hashtags even if we don’t all use them all the time. Thanks again Ashley. I treasure your friendship and really appreciate this comment. Take care, Max

  13. Thank you for the detailed information on Pinterest. I did join it but found it hard to understand how best to use it so deleted my account. I may join again after reading your blog article . I am still amazed to read that you are blind . If you hadn’t mentioned – I would never have known this .

    • Hello Nina; So glad to hear from you. I believe this is the first time you have visited my site. I’m glad that I could give you good information on Pinterest. As people are highly visual in the way they interact with the world, I believe Pinterest and other photo or video sites are a key to any marketer’s long term success. I hope I did give you the confidence to try Pinterest again. If you do decide to open another account, feel free to contact me directly with any questions or for encouragement. And if you follow me on there or any of the other social media networks, I will be sure to accept your invite or follow you back. I am coming to terms with being amazing, so thanks for the complement. I’m happier about being able to help people use something they are struggling with. Overcoming obstacles isn’t just a blind problem. Thanks again and take care, Max

  14. Well done Max! It’s so easy to take the easy way out and say “that won’t be useful for me” or “this is a visual networking site so I can’t take part in it”. However you’ve shown that with a bit of work and research you can create another way for people to interact with you and to see what you’re offering on your site. I wish you every success and of course some sales in the near future! Kirsty

    • Hi Kirsty; Thanks for your kind words. I tell my nephew all the time that the key is to find ways to do it instead of finding ways not to. Pinterest is a good place for me because I sell products. I’m not sure how helpful it would be to those whose business is providing services, but it could still b helpful if they take photos of where the services are provided or of their client’s progress. I’m thinking of starting a group board for visually impaired people to share their accomplishments. I’m thinking of calling it blind and visually impaired success stories. What do you think? Thanks for visiting the site and for encouraging me to keep at it. Take care, Max

  15. Hi Max,

    Excellent post, indeed!

    I’m fairly new to Pinterest as well and have been using it for another site I run about eBooks. It took me a little while to figure out how to use it. It certainly is different to platforms like Facebook and Twitter. I’ve followed some people and have noticed individuals starting to follow me and repin my posts. So, I’m doing the same in return.

    Thank you.
    Hiten recently posted…How the Answers to Your Problems are Already in YouMy Profile

    • Hello; Thanks for sharing. It is different from the others that is for sure. But i Like that it seems to be more stable than the other networks. This may change down the road, but at least for now; they don’t seem to be interested in making changes for change sake like face book does. Just like furniture in a house the one thing blind people hate the most is constant change. If you follow me I will definitely follow you back. And I’m finding that some of my Pinterest followers are becoming contacts on other networks. Thanks again and take care, Max

  16. You make me feel very humble and are truly an inspiration. I am able bodied and haven’t found as many ways to use Pinterest as you have. I do use it to collect ideas for my books though and then food and crafts among other things. It’s not something I’ve really considered as a marketing tool.
    Pat Amsden recently posted…WHO WOULD YOU BE?My Profile

    • Hi Pat; I’mm just coming to terms with being an inspiration, so thanks for the complement. I imagine Pintrest as a marketing tool because I see just about everything I do as a chance to promote the site or the equipment for sale on it. If you think Pinterest is something, check out my first few videos on youtube all shot by myself using the camera on my laptop. I do have to get the occasional bit of help with the website, but its not often. I went to your site and loved your post about super heroes. I was going to leave a comment, but there is no way for a blind person to solve that captcha of dragging the food to the aunts or whatever it is. by the way the best two female movie characters are black widow in the avengers movies and pepper pots in the iron man franchise. In the avengers black widow uses her sexuality to give a capture a false sense of security then she kicks his but and the buts of his accomplices and then she puts on her red high heals and walks off as if she didn’t even break a sweat. and pepper pots is not only in charge of stark enterprises the biggest corporation in the marvel financial world but in the third movie she gets to put on a suit too. fix the captcha please, its probably cutting down on comments from sighted people too. take care, max

      • I’m sorry you had trouble with the captcha but I don’t understand why that would be harder than the captchas I see on 99.9 % of other sites. In fact that’s why we went with that one. As a sighted person I have problems with many of the others.

        I do know it is more difficult for you and I apologize. I worked with someone years ago when the web wasn’t in existence who was blind and I know he had to make things about 1000 % bigger on his screen and wouldn’t have been able to make it around without his seeing eye dog. Again, I think the other captchas would have been as hard or harder. I’d love to do away with captchas altogether but given the amount of spam bots that’s just not a reality.

        • well, I am what people refer to as totally blind. I rely solely on the screen reader. the thing is the captcha you chose doesn’t offer a non visual option. i agree captchas are getting harder and harder and I’ve heard many sighted people complain they can’t solve some of them. there was a service a while back where you could email them a screen shot of the image and they would email you back with the answer. and while firefox can’t yet be used with the speech on a mac it can be used with the speech on a windows computer. the windows users can take advantage of the webvisom plug in. glad you did think about it. best of luck, max

  17. Wow you are amazing. Not only am I learning more about pinterest, but I am so impressed that you have managed to make this visual site work so well for you. What an inspiration your are to me. Thanks.

    • Hello Heidi; Thanks for the complement. I’m glad that you did learn something from my post about using Pinterest. I wasn’t sure that there would b such a good response to the methods I employ as a blind user. thanks again and take care, max

  18. Hi Max,
    I really love this post and you can’t imagine how helpful it is to me. I have been on pinterest for while but don’t do much with it. Because I get somehow confused using it.
    Thanks for this post, it really give some pointer to take home.

    • Hello; I am so glad that the post helped you. That has ben the big surprise about this post the number of sighted people who have told me my suggestions helped them. understand Pintrest better. And to think I almost didn’t write that post because I thought some people might see it as bragging. I just have to remember that not only are these kinds of posts inspirational they are educational and its a disservice not to share what I’v learned with the blogging community after all the help I have received from good friends like you. Thanks for the wonderful comment and take care, Max

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    • thanks ashley; this is my first ever track back that wasn’t spam or created by me pinging my own posts. Thanks for being part of yet another first for team ivy. I’m looking forward to the interview for your podcast next week. Take care, max

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    • Hi Lorraine; Thanks for pinging my post. Before this article I had never received a ping that wasn’t spam. Now i have had to legitimate pings or track backs or whatever you call them on the same post. Guess that should tell me more than anything that I need to be more open about my blindness and write more about my experience. And since I believe in admitting when i was wrong. You told me so. smile thanks again and take care my friend, Max

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  22. I love pinterest and impressed that you are blind and learning social media. Very inspiring and I agree that sharing is caring when it comes social media too. 😉

    • Hi Crystal; I’m glad you liked the post. And I appreciate that I can inspire people through sharing my experiences. And you know sharing a blog post is also in our best interests. I mean what better way to attract attention than to share posts you have commented on especially those sites that have comment love premium where your latest blog post’s link is displayed after your comment. Best of luck with your blog, Max

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