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: Georgia, United States
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: $ 75,000.00

This is a beautiful 6.5 meter Bertazzon Carousel for only $75,000. It is currently located in a mall in the southeast United States where it has been since its purchase. The owners have maintained it well. The mall was recently sold, and the new property owners have a policy against rides like this no matter how beautiful they may be. It has 19 horses and a total diameter of 29 feet from fence to fence. Its not huge, but it is a very nice model from the top manufacturers of carousels in Italy. The buyer would be responsible for removing it from its current location, transporting it to its new home, and reinstalling it there. I don't offer this service directly, but can put you in contact with several qualified ride installers should you need their help. You can click here to Watch an excellent video of the ride in action. I think it would be an excellent addition to an amusement park, family fun center, boardwalk, pleasure pier, arcade, themes restaurant zoo, aquarium, or city park. I could also imagine an enterprising showman or woman updating an existing traveling model by installing this ride on their portable unit's frame work. Given its size, I could even see this in someone's backyard for the kids and grandkids to play on.
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